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How To Find Those Elusive 21st Birthday Glass Gifts That Are Just Right?

Drinking has always been the customary way to celebrate the 21st birthday. Parties like this often involve lots of alcohol. That's why you'll often notice people gifting the celebrant with 21st birthday glasses. These gifts are a fun way to wish the celebrant more happiness and figuratively give him or her a toast to this new stage in life.


Are you interested in finding unique 21st birthday glasses that the recipient will like? Here are some tips:


Shop online


This is definitely the easiest way to find just about anything you need, including those gifts that are hard to come by. The best thing about shopping online is that you get to compare prices and even qualities from various stores conveniently. That way, you can decide which one offers the best deal. Online stores also tend to show new and unique glassware designs that are otherwise unavailable at the local department stores.


Choose glassware based on the recipient’s personality


Show the celebrant how much you know him/her by choosing 21st birthday glasses based on their favourite alcoholic beverages. For the lovers of vinos, pick wine glasses. For those who prefer sparkling wine, choose champagne glasses.


Read reviews about the product and the shop


Since you won't be able to check the product prior to buying, reading online reviews is a must. Aside from the product reviews, you should also check customer feedback about the shop to assess the quality of service that they provide. Reading reviews will help you make a more informed decision.


Add a personal touch


Some online gift stores also offer custom glasses that they will personalise on your behalf. Just pick a design or send them yours and they will do the rest. This is a great way to ensure that your gift is 100% unique.

Top 3 Personalised Name Cake Toppers To Embrace Love And Affection

When it comes to topping off an unforgettable day, wedding cake toppers make for the perfect symbol for newlyweds as they cross an important life milestone. Personalised name cake toppers are able to convey the bride and groom’s message of love and affection for each other and for all their dearest family and friends present. Take a peek at three of Giftware Direct’s best personalised name cake toppers in Australia and find out how to embrace love and affection in your own personal way during the big day.


With the dozens of wedding elements combined all throughout the wedding day, the wedding cake stands out as the iconic symbol of the bride and grooms’ celebrated union. As the focal point of the reception, the cake is regarded as the wedding day’s sweetest treat and its biggest blessing as it stands as the newlyweds first shared meal together, according to tradition.


As weddings have evolved to be tailored-fit to the couple’s unique personalities, wedding cakes and their toppers are also made to exhibit the bride and groom’s personal message. Some married couples show their quirky side through the wedding cake, while others use it as a platform of presenting their undying love and infinite affection for their beloved spouse.


Top Personalised Name Cake Toppers in Australia


In Australian weddings, personalised name cake toppers are getting more and more popular each year. These customised wedding items allow couples to express their real personalities through the engraved text or the design. It also grants the newlyweds to make a unique statement or defining declaration that fits with the momentous day.


Here are our top three picks for embracing love and affection on your wedding day through personalised name cake toppers from Giftware Direct, read on.

Personalised Wooden Heart Cake Topper


At first glance, nothing speaks of love more than the prominent shape of the perfect heart. With a personalised wooden heart cake topper, get to declare your undying love and affection to your newly married spouse with this professionally laser cut wedding decoration. See your newly proclaimed title as Mr. and Mrs. right on top of the gorgeous wedding cake, coupled with the wedding date engraved at the bottom. Perfect both as a wedding cake topper and even superb as a wedding keepsake, get to celebrate your unforgettable day of love with this little wooden heart.


Love Is Sweet Acrylic Cake Topper


Make a lasting statement with this Love is Sweet Cake Topper as it comes in a wide range of colours that can suit any wedding cake and any wedding theme. Made of durable acrylic and professionally cut with precision, love is indeed sweet because of this personalised wedding cake topper. Be it as a name cake topper for a multi-tiered fancy wedding cake or as an accent to a simple naked wedding cake, the wedding day is made extra sweet by this affordable name cake topper created especially for the bride and groom’s love and affection.


You & Me Forever Wooden Cake Topper


As it is the bride and groom’s special wedding day, the You and Me Forever Wooden Cake Topper is a fitting choice for the occasion. Display your newly-made promise of forever from the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception with this laser-cut wooden cake topper. It is a perfect reminder as to what the wedding day is all about - not about the fancy wedding menu, the expensive wine served, nor the elaborate flowers and centrepieces, the day is all about “you and me” as wife and husband-to-be.


Be it a grand and elaborate wedding or a simple intimate celebration, these three personalised name cake toppers can definitely express the overflowing love and affection the bride and groom have for each other. Even for close friends, dear family members, and all invited wedding guests, the wedding day is made extraordinary when topped off with a wedding cake topper created out of love.


At Giftware Direct, we proudly offer custom wedding decorations and personalised wedding bombonieres at cheap wholesale prices to help brides and grooms in making their dream wedding more affordable. With direct from factory giftware and highly customisable decorations, we give couples fantastic options when it comes to their wedding favours, wedding stationery, and a whole lot more. To see more affordable wedding cake toppers and all other personalised wedding giftware items, head to Giftware Direct and shop today.

3 Things to Consider Before Getting Custom Wedding Invitations

Custom wedding invitations contain important information that guests have to know about your big day. Since your wedding invitation provides the first glimpse of your wedding, you want to make sure that it is complete, clear, and of course, captivating. Great custom wedding invitations in Australia will set the mood, making your guests feel excited about your special day.

Not sure where and how to begin creating your wedding invitations? Here are some tips to help you along.

1. Write down all the important information to include in the invitations.

When inviting friends and family to your special day, make sure to provide them with every important detail, including the location, time, and dress code. That way, they'll be properly guided as to where the event will take place, what time it will start, and what attire they should wear. Having all the details listed down will help you create a layout for your invitation and ensure that you don’t forget anything.

2. Look for a reliable supplier.

Order your wedding invitations online in Australia. But before you do that, do a quick research about a prospective supplier. Read reviews about the quality of their wedding invitations and find out if they always deliver on time.

3. Think about your wedding theme.

You should also pay attention to the style of your invitation. It should be related to the theme of your wedding to somehow give hints to your guests of what will your big day look like. Is your wedding very formal? Is it casual and relaxed? Is it something glamorous and extravagant? Think of your overall theme and pick suitable invitations that suit that theme. You may also want to consider incorporating your colours and motif into the invites to give your guests more hints.

Get a Personalised Cake Topper for Your Wedding

Wedding cakes have long been decorated with personalised cake toppers. One of the most popular choices these days is the calligraphy topper, which spells the names of the bride and groom (or their surname as a married couple). Another favourite way to personalise cake toppers is to include only the initials of the couple, and sometimes, the date of their wedding. This topper may look simple but it is indeed elegant.


Wedding cake toppers that depict an image of the bride and groom are still popular today, but they are dramatically different from the ‘figurine’ toppers that were the standard decades ago. The choice of modern couples these days is the silhouette cake topper. This personalised cake topper is a great choice for those who want to mix tradition with modernity. It will look beautiful on any kind of wedding cake, and calligraphy of the couple’s names or initials can be incorporated in the design.


A personalised cake topper is a tiny detail that will make a huge difference in your wedding venue. It will not only make your wedding cake enticing—it can also make your entire reception area beautiful. Personalised cake toppers can no doubt add a special touch to your wedding.


Wedding cake toppers are more significant than they seem. They are more than just decorations. In fact, cake toppers are meant to be symbolic of the couple's love for each other. And with the wide array of toppers to choose from these days, it’s easier than ever to creatively express your unique love. In fact, in recent times, wedding cake toppers have depicted the growing diversity in marriages. You'll now find personalised cake toppers made for multi-ethnic couples and even for same-sex couples online, where you can also order yours.

All You Need to Know about Personalised Cake Toppers in Australia

Sometimes choosing a personalised cake topper is as hard as picking your wedding or birthday cake. Should you go for wood or acrylic? Custom or ready-made? Your name or just your initials? By discovering the meaning of these toppers and what the current trends are, you'll surely find the perfect cake topper that you and your guests will admire.


Why cake toppers are important?


A cake topper is supposed to make your cake look more appetising and appealing. But it is a lot more than just added decoration—it also makes the cake more special and meaningful. Ordinary cakes don't need a topper, but cakes that are meant to celebrate milestones such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries certainly do. Cake toppers also have deep meanings associated with them. In weddings, for example, toppers symbolise the couple's togetherness or love. This explains why personalised cake toppers are especially important for wedding cakes.


What are the most popular personalised cake toppers?


Bride-and-groom figurines have fallen out of fashion. These days, people can get really creative when it comes to personalisation, giving you a wide range of options to choose from. Calligraphy cake toppers for wedding and birthday cakes are trendy because they can match almost all kinds of themes. You can easily add your personal touch, too. You can pick from a selection of colours, font styles, and materials. Whether you want to put your name, surname, or a catchy phrase on top of your cake, it's all up to you.


What you should keep in mind when buying a personalised cake topper?


Aside from the design of your cake topper, there are two more important things you have to keep in mind: the size and material. Make sure to choose a topper that is proportionate to the size of your wedding cake. Lastly, choose a material that is not only high-quality but is also suitable for the theme or design of the occasion.

Why Use Personalised Wedding Glasses in Your Wedding?

Personalised glassware plays an important role in your wedding. They don’t just complete the table setting—they also add beauty and elegance to the entire wedding reception area. That's why some brides and grooms really go out of their way to find the perfect personalised glassware that suits their wedding theme. Are you’re ready to do the same? Here are some creative ideas on how to incorporate personalised glassware in your wedding.


•For the wine rituals


If you are adding a wine ritual or wine box ritual in your ceremony, use engraved wine glasses instead of regular wine glasses. An engraving of your initials and the wedding date will make these glasses great mementos of your big day—treasures that you can keep forever. You can also use these wine glasses during your thank-you speech at the end of the reception.


•For the best man's toast


Give your best man something special for all his efforts in making a funny and heartfelt toast. A wine glass or champagne glass with an elegant engraving of his name will surely be appreciated.


•As wedding favours


You can also give engraved wedding glasses as favours and bridal party gifts. Consider giving different types of personalised glassware to your guests, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. You can pick beer mugs for the men and champagne flutes for the women. Show your thoughtfulness by personalising these favours and gifts.


•For cocktail hour


Why don’t you serve up some cool cocktail drinks in gorgeous wedding shot glasses? Your guests will surely enjoy partying and drinking during the cocktail hour, especially with some drinks and delicious bites to nibble on.


Buy all your personalised glassware from a leading online gift shop in Australia and save big. Look for stores offering instalment plans, allowing you to shop now and settle your payment later.

Appreciate Your Bridesmaids with Personalised Gifts They Will Surely Love

Your wedding becomes more memorable when you get to celebrate it with the people closest to their hearts. Among the active partakers who know very well about the details of your love story are your bridesmaids—the women who have helped you through the stress and challenges of wedding planning. Your bridesmaids probably don’t expect gifts, but it’s only right that you thank them for their presence and all their hard work with wonderful gifts. You can be sure that personalised bridesmaid gifts won’t fail. Here are some ideas.


1.Engraved timber coat hangers are perfect for those who love to organise their homes. This is a highly practical gift, sure to be a loved and used for a long time. Such gifts will help you keep your spot in their hearts because they will see it every time they open their coat closet.


2.Another functional personalised bridesmaid gifts you can give are chopping boards. Personalise the board with an inspirational quote, their names, or even quirky designs that can make cooking more fun.


3.Do your bridesmaids love to keep track of their daily itineraries? Are they habitually writing down random reflections and sweet love notes? Then you can’t go wrong with personalised pens. Have each bridesmaid’s name engraved on a high-quality writing instrument presented in a beautiful box.


4.For bridesmaids who love their wine, there is nothing more practical than a personalised set of wine glasses. You can get just one piece or two, presented in a wine box that can also be customised with an engraving. While you’re at it, why not include her favourite bottle of wine?


Purchase personalised bridesmaid gifts online for convenience and to get the best prices. You can find a wide selection of items to help you express your most heartfelt thanks. The best gift suppliers can manufacture and ship out items fast.

How You Make Sure Everyone Attends Your Wedding with Save the Date Cards?

Some couples would rather skip sending save the date cards in Australia to save money, while others really make an effort to create these cards to announce their official wedding date and inform their guests. Wondering what you should do? While sending save the date cards in Australia might seem like an added cost, sending them is actually an important step in your entire wedding preparation. It helps ensure that your guests will make it to your big day.


  • Inform them of the important details


Not only do these cards tell your guests to save the date of your wedding on their calendars—they also pass along important information. Don't expect all your relatives to know who your fiancé is. Things like your names and where you plant to get married must always be included. Don’t forget to make it clear if your guests can bring along another guest, and if their kids are welcome (or not). It’s usually better to be frank so that they can plan for childcare.


  • Give your guests a time to prepare


Save the date cards in Australia give your guests a heads up that they are invited. If they know about your wedding months before the big day, they can block their schedule and have enough time to prepare for the occasion. Save the date cards are especially necessary for destination weddings. They will let your guests plan their travel arrangements early on.


  • Express your sincerity that you want them to witness your wedding


Sending tangible save the date card six months in advance shows your sincere intention to invite your guest to be part of your special day. The recipient will surely appreciate this gesture, and they are less likely to turn down your invitation.


Don't have time to create save the date cards? Then just look for a supplier online. The best suppliers can produce high-quality and beautiful save the date cards quickly and efficiently, allowing you to mail them to your guests as soon as possible.

How to Have A Wonderful Marriage Celebration with Wooden Coasters?

How can you use wooden coasters to beautify your wedding and make the celebration more fun? Here are some amazing ideas.


•Personalise them


Transform simple looking wooden coasters into something elegant and beautiful by personalising them. Why not add a short thank-you message for everyone who will take time out to attend your big day? You can also add a personal touch by designing your own artwork and asking your supplier to print or engrave it on your coasters.


•Add them to your table setting


Does your table setting seem like it’s lacking something? Why not use personalised wooden coasters for the wine or champagne glasses? Wooden coasters may seem simple, but they can make the entire table setting appear much more luxurious. This will put a smile to your guests’ faces, too.


•Give them as wedding favours


You can use personalised wooden coasters not only for enhancing the beauty of your wedding reception but also as your official wedding favours. Wooden coasters make great wedding giveaways for many reasons. First, they are less expensive yet still beautiful. You can find online suppliers to manufacture your personalised wooden coasters at an affordable price. They would even ship it for free.


Second, wooden coasters are practical. They are some of those super-practical gifts that people love receiving because they are useful. Your guests can use them for their coffee mugs at home or in the office.


Third, they are durable. Wooden coasters—especially those made of high-quality wood—are great keepsakes because they last for many years. What’s more, they are unique. Wooden coasters come in different shapes and sizes. They are also highly customizable. Lastly, personalised wooden coasters are memorable. They are the best mementos of your wedding, reminding your guests of the happy moments spent with friends and families.

Get Personalised Wedding Gifts: Perfect for the Newly Weds on their Big Day

Want to buy something special for the couple tying the knot but don’t want to buy just any generic item? Have you considered giving them personalised wedding gifts instead? These items are better than ready-made gifts in more ways than one.


  • They are always cherished

Personalisation can make even the simplest gifts seem more thoughtful. The couple will appreciate your present regardless if it is expensive or not because you took time to personalise it especially for them.


  • They’re the best ways to show your love and support


Personalised wedding gifts allow you to show your love and support for the couple’s union. You can add a personal message or engrave their names beautifully on the surface of the gift.  


  • They are more memorable


Personalised wedding gifts are more appealing in the eyes of the recipients because they speak to them personally. They evoke an emotional response. The couple may not remember that it was you who gave the gifts several years later, but they will surely recall how they felt when they got them.


  • You can order them online


You don't have to be a professional artist or an avid DIYer because you don't need to create your custom gift by yourself. You can simply buy personalised wedding gifts from an online gift shop. When you visit their website, you will be presented with a wide selection of unique and high-quality items that they can customise for you.  


  • They are more affordable, but they are durable


It used to be hard to customise gifts, but thanks to the advancements in printing and engraving technology as well as the wide availability of tools, gift stores can customise items and sell them at affordable prices. Using specialised machinery, stores can print and engrave on various materials like fabrics, glass, and wood.

Touch Your Groomsmen Desires with Some Unique Gifts at Wedding

The right person to think of unique groomsmen gifts is no other than the groom. After all, he is the one who knows the things his buddies like and will appreciate. If you are the groom, then you might want to start looking for these presents right now. Whether you are planning to give them one kind of gifts or not, you should begin searching for ideas as early as possible before you get caught up in wedding preparations. Here are some ideas to get you started.


1. Hip flasks with engraved names

Hip flasks are great gifts that your groomsmen can use on your wedding day. This little guy can hide in the tiny pockets of their tuxedos and pants. With these gifts, they can always have a quick nip when they get nervous before saying their wedding speeches. Hip flasks have become a common choice for unique groomsmen gift because they are cool. Online stores sell customizable hip flasks in different colours and sizes. You can ask them to engrave the names of your groomsmen, so they look even cooler.


2. Wooden box of wine

Wooden boxes always carry a certain appeal to both men and women. Your groomsmen will definitely be surprised seeing their favourite bottles of wines packaged in a beautiful wooden box. If you want to go extra, you can even add a laser engraved wine glass inside.

3. Matte beer mugs

Beer mugs are popular wedding favours that you can turn into unique groomsmen gifts. Traditional beer mugs are made of glass, but there are also beer mugs that are made of commercial grade stainless steel with an elegant matte finish. They are great because they are old-fashioned and at the same time modern. These amazing beer mugs will surely make every toast stylish.

Top 5 Wedding Bonbonniere Ideas That Guests Will Surely Adore

Shopping for favours is fun, especially when the shop offers a wide selection of wedding bonbonniere ideas. But it can also be confusing and a bit challenging. Of course, as the bride or groom, you want to give your guest appreciation gifts that they will like having or keeping. With so many options to choose from, how do you choose the best one? These top five wedding bonbonniere ideas shall help you.


1. Hip Flask Sets


If you want something practical, then go for hip flasks. Your guests will surely find them useful for they can keep them in their pockets and bring them anywhere. Hip flasks are not only exclusive for whiskey or rum drinkers. It can also be a container for any favourite drink. This gift set also makes for perfect groomsmen gifts.


2. Toasting Sets


Looking for elegant wedding bonbonniere ideas? How about a toasting set? You can give this special wedding bonbonniere set to couples, or you may also give one toasting glass per guest. You may also want to go an extra mile by engraving their names in each glass.

3. Beer Mugs


Many Australians love beer. But when giving them beer mugs, make sure to add some personal touch like engraving their names or your message to the glass. That way, even though they may own a lot of beer mugs, your gift will be unique.


4. Wine box


If you feel generous, why not give them a bottle of wine? Package this gift in a personalised wooden box, which you can get from online wedding gift stores.


5. Serving sets


The best wedding mementos that you can give to your guests are those that they can always use, such as the examples mentioned above. Serving sets are truly unique wedding favours that your guest will adore. This will make them remember your big day every time they cut a cake.